Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sneakie Peekie No.6 Rigging

Ok people... 2 days/ 5 hours of sleep and a ton of joints!
The rig is based on several techniques from tutors, Supinfocom courses and personal experimentation trying to achieve the best and most appropriate result for every part of the character.

Ribbon rig on spine and head,
classic IK/FK with stretch capabilities on arms and legs (since the body is more like a human, I tried not to add extra cartoony controls on these),
Extra controls on hands and feet for faster animation.
Spline IK with FK controls on tail for extra control (to be attached)
Ribbon rig with 3 main curve controls and 6 extra on bones fot tongue (ready and waiting to get attached too)
I'll leave the head last because of a totally different philosophy rig based on joint+blendshape correctives for expression.

Also on Monday I start iAnimate. I'll try to work and add things little by little in parallel with the animation courses.

Thank you for following!

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