Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sneakie Peekie No.5, Textures

Probably the final textures. Ready to dive into rigging. It needs to apply some break of symmetry here and there but I'll do this with fresh eyes, after the rig has been done.
Here is a fast and simple vocabulary for people outside the industry
mesh = the 3d model made by polygons 

3d modeling = the process of creation  of a 3d object/mesh with careful placement of polygons in order to have a precise topology flow for further treatment.

3d sculpting = actual sculpting in a 3d environment on the base 3d mesh which is subdivided into millions of polygons (like cells)

texturing = the process where the textures on the mesh is applied through 3d/2d painting techniques

UV layout = the "map" of the mesh unfolded on a 2d space (U/V= X/Y) so the textures can be applied.

Rigging = the process where a rig (skeleton) is constructed in order to have an animation possible mesh.

Rendering = the phase where the shaders (materials of the meshes of a scene) were applied and the "rendering engine" is computing the lights of the scene delivering an almost final image/video.

Compositing = a post process where different rendering passes (like color pass, shadow pass, reflection pass, pass for depth, fur etc) are composed into one final image/frames and other image correction layers are applied for the final polished result.

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